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About Us

GIG of the Black Hills is a group of people who are facing the same dietary difficulties. We share information about gluten-free food, restaurants who serve gluten-free food, recipes and have gluten-free food drives for the local food bank.

This group was established in November, 2007. We have formed a Gluten-Free Diner's Club and have helped educate local restaurants, who have been willing to accommodate our special dietary needs, about the importance of cross contamination, etc. 

We help local grocery stores keep up-to-date gluten-free product lists, available at their customer service desks.

We let visitors to our area know where it is safe to eat and where to shop, so that they are able to enjoy their time visiting the Black Hills area.

We work to raise awareness of celiac disease and gluten-intolerance in our local medical community, so others may be diagnosed in as short a time as possible.

We provide moral support, for those newly diagnosed, and mentors for those who need help with various aspects of having to live a gluten-free lifestyle.


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