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Attention: Eating in any restaurant or bakery is risky for those of us who have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant. Restaurants, bakeries and caterers might have the best intentions to provide gluten-free food, but so many things can go wrong, that we must warn you that we cannot guarantee a gluten-free experience with any of the following companies. We are simply providing a list of companies that claim to offer gluten-free food. It's always a risk to eat food that you have not prepared yourself.


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The immune reaction causes the small intestine to become swollen and inflamed.  Inside the small intestine are small, hair-like projections called villi.  These villi become blunted, reducing the ability of the body to absorb nutrients (See Images of Normal Villi at Childrens Virtual Hospital, Low Power Microscope Image of Flattened villi from the University of Utah, and a High Power Microscope Image from University of Utah).  

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